Dr. J. Nikkhah


Born 1952 ( 1331) Tehran

Entered school in Abadan , left ( 1963) 1342

High school in England , King's School Ely til 1970

Entered Liverpool Medical School : 1971 - 1976 , MB.CH.B.

House jobs and Internship in Medicine 1976-1980

Diploma in Tropical Medicine 1981.

National service in Kurdistan 1981-83 ( 1360 - 1362). I was sent to 

Baneh, Saqqez, and later many other parts during the Iran and Iraq war.

Had a very tough time , never saw an official or high ranking Iranian 

Doctor/surgeon where it mattered.

Reasearch and Hospital Practitioner in Infectious diseases at Buali 

Sina Hospital ( 1983-87)1362- 1366 . Papers on Malaria , Shigella etc.

Retrained in Uk in General Practice 1987-1991

Passed Membership of Royal College of General Practitioners 1991.

Past 13 years Medical practitioner in South East London and Emergency 


Doctor in Lewisham Hospital.

Other interests : Dermatology in Primary care.

Diploma in Clinical Dermatology starting in May 2003 at London 

University, Queen Mary college. To become GP with special interest.

Other interests:

Poetry: I have translated many poems of Pablo Neruda (Noble prize) 
winner from Spanish/English to Farsi , Including 'Spain in the
heart'completely, 'Canto General' , ' Twenty poems of Love and one poem of dispear' , and 

Fully empowered.

at you can read some of my translations and poems.

I am writting a volume of poems at the moment called ' Az Bagh Tazeh ' 

Iranian poets who have inspired me are most of all Golchin Gilani,

Siavoush Kasraii, and Zohari.

Family : Married 20 years, 3 children aged 19 , 17 , and 4!

Eldest son doing Medicine at Southampton University Medical School.