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What is your diagnosis for this 2-month-old baby?

He referred with a solitary asymptomatic firm nodule on the left lateral eyebrow since birth.

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Answer: Dermoid Cyst (External angle dermoid)


Dermoid cyst is a benign tumour consisting of mature tissue derived from germ cell layers foreign to that site.

About 40% of dermoid cysts are present at birth, and about 70% by the age of 5 years. They enlarge because of the secretory activity of the epidermal lining. They typically appear as subcutaneous ‘doughy’ spherical nodules varying from around 0.5 to 6.0 cm in diameter, largely depending on site.

 They are usually found on the head and neck . Predilection sites are the outer third of the eyebrow (as our case), the midline of the nose, usually near the bridge , the scalp, the submental area, the anterior neck, the anterior chest wall and the occipital area.